dimarts, 18 de juny de 2019

Harvest time

Today was the last day of our School Garden, and we harvest all the vegetables. 
Each of us could harvest a lettuce and take it home.

 The small radishes did not sting and we liked them more.
 We decided to make a salad of assorted lettuce and radishes.

   And the verdict was ...It was yummy!

The flowers and the beasts

 How beautiful is the flower of the zucchini!

And how delicious is ous lettuces! The insects love it! or maybe are snails?

We begin the study of the growth of our plants

Study of the growth of plants according to the amount of sunlight. 

The garden 1 was the one that had less hours of Sun, in the garden 2 had more hours of light and the garden 3 was the sunniest of the three.

We study in what conditions each plant grows better by comparison.
                            Green bean
                         Escarole lettuce
                   Another kind of lettuce

Creating our dichotomous key

We are creating a dichotomous key to classify the bugs of the garden

Using dichotomous keys

 We have learned to use dichotomous keys 
to identify plants by classifying their leaves. It's amazing!